“My solo materials will be also metal” Exclusive interview with Melissa Bonny

I have made an interview with Melissa Bonny of Rage of Light, Evenmore.

She is the guest singer of Serenity and she was in Budapest with the band during the Symphonic Metal Nights Tour. At the day of the show I met her in the venue.

You can read the interview below:

1 Welcome to Budapest! How do you like the city and have you ever been here?


“This is my first time here actually. I haven’t see much from the city so far, because we arrived just now to the venue.
But, I would like to see a bit more.”

2 When was your first gig with Serenity?


“It was in August in 2017 in Switzerland and it was a Metal Festival.”

3 Could you even sing on their later albums?


“I am now doing some guest vocals for the band and I’ll doing it also in February and now the future I don’t know.”

4 What about your solo songs?
I’ve watched some videos that you’re singing in completely different style.
I know you’re very busy, but can we wait from you a solo album or you’ll release just songs?


“My solo materials will be also metal.
The song have done with Jonathan, it’s something completely different that I wanted to with him, but the entire album is gonna be a metal album.”

5 What kind of genre do you love to sing?


“I love power metal, symphonic metal, heavy metal.
I like everything actually.
Any kind of metal music and I like to listen pop music and everything too.”

6 What about Evenmore?
Can we ever hear new materials from the band?


“I don’t know for now, because we are writing some new songs, but we don’t have any fixed plans for the audience.”

7 We are looking forward to the new album of Rage of Light and to see you live.
I’ve been trying to invite you to play before, but you didn’t perform yet.


“Before it wasn’t plans to play live with Rage of Light, but we got many request for an album and then for live shows so because of that we decided, ok, let’s doing some live shows.”

8 Can we know something about the album and the future concerts?


“Yeah, for sure. It will be released early 2019 and it definitely gonna be something heavier what we released before the first EP.
Something a bit more like Mechanicals and I Can, I Will.”

9 My one of the favorite song from Rage of Light is Twilight of the Thunder God the Amon Amarth cover.
How did get the idea to make a cover from this song?


“We are all a big fans of Amon Amarth and Jonathan started to compose the cover and we tried it, we loved it so excited to release it with the music video.”

10 What kind of bands do you like?
Who are your idols?Melissa:


“My biggest idols are Kamelot and I love Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Sklipnot and I like so many bands, I like Delain, Eluveitie from Switzerland as well.
I have so many idols, I can’t name them all.”

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the show

Thank you for the questions!

Dürer Kert

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