Mortem Atra from Cyprus

MORTEM ATRA were formed in November 2011 in Limassol Cyprus and they describe their blend of melodic death/doom metal as “an amalgamation of genres, a mixture of emotions”.
The main lyrical themes of the band’s songs consist of internal struggles, aggression & depression, sensitivity as part of the human nature, dark stories and elements that can best be associated with fairy-tales.
The band’s upcoming debut album “A Dark Lament” will (paradoxically) soothe the soul, while at the same time darken those inner feelings that everyone holds inside.

The band

The atmosphere that the melodic keyboard lines provide, along with the double bass drumming, heavy riffs and the “from-the-depths-of-hell” growling vocals that occasionally meet gorgeous female operatic vocals, will set listeners drifting into otherworldly emotions but always in good company; that of some favourite metal genres, namely Melodic Death and Doom Metal. All blended together into one magnificent arrangement.
Special mention should be made to the band’s fallen brother, Tasos Bratsos.
In 2016 tragedy struck and Tasos passed away after losing the battle with cancer which he had fought bravely.
He was in his early thirties and apart from being an extremely talented drummer, he was always positive and highly energetic and undeniably the main driving force of the band.
“A Dark Lament” has been in the making since then and it actually features his recorded drum parts and with the album now finally completed, the band is of course paying tribute to Tasos by dedicating it to his memory and legacy.

Cover of the album

Released December 6, 2019.

Airplay Date: Monday, November 11th 2019


1.A Dark Lament Prologue
 2.Frozen Illusion
 3.The Puppet
 4.A Voice
 5.Evil Rise
 6.Hymn of Doom
 7.In Superstitious Breath
 9.Harmful Obsession

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Check ‘The Puppet’ lyric video below:

Depressed (Lyric video):

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