Mizuho Lin and Sergio Mazul are guest singers

We recently announced that the Brazilian Semblant band, led by Mizuho Lin, make slow, but definitely a new album.

There arre no more infos about the new album, but Mizuho Lin and Sergio Mazul are now collaborating in one song on the new album of the Argentinean musician Beto Vazquez.

The project, Beto Vazquez Infinity, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and on this occasion a double CD + DVD compilation album is already present. Their new album is scheduled to be released this year and will be featured in one of the songs. Mizuho is a big fan of the project.

Beto is the founder, songwriter, bass player and guitarist of the project and plays symphonic melodic metal. The album will be released via BVM Records.


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