Midnattsol: teaser for the new album!

The band which has Norwegian/German members has been heard in recent years, one of the main reasons for this being that singer Carmen Elise Espenaes gave birth to her daughter in 2012 and two years later to her son. Their latest release was released in 2011, The Metamorphosis Melody. Changes were made in the folk metal band, with Stephan Adolph new guitarist on board and left the band Bigit Öllbrunner bass player Chris Merzinsky drummer and Matthias Schuler guitarist.

Recently, a new surprise came from the team: Liv Kristine, the sister of Carmen-has sung several times in the Midnattsol songs and in Carmen’s other project SAVN-became a full member of the band, so we can see Liv on the shows too.

Formerly, a snippet was already shown the band from their new record-we heard the details of Purple Sky. Now it is also revealed that the blood updated band’s new record, will be released on May 25, under the title The Aftermath, under the supervision of Napalm Records.

The teaser has arrived for the album:

The other day, the guys have been surprised to announce the cover of the album, which has won the fans like!


Interestingly, Carmen Elise is not a little bored, as not only Midnattsol is preparing for a new album, but her another team, Savn, is also making a novelty, so the Norwegian singer can be left very exciting weeks behind, and even the rest is still left. If all this was not enough, Liv will be singing the new Savn album as usual.

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