Mezmerized release a song with Amaranthe’s ‘GG6’!

Mezmerized has already enchanted us, but now they’re topped off with an even stronger song, for which they’ve won a real cannon for guest vocalists.

GG6, alias Henrik Englund the growler of the Swedish super band, Amaranthe, will be the guest vocalist in the song and with him, the band added a real monster to it.

Artwork by: Gustavo Sazes Art
Photo credit of GG6: Tobias Sutter (

Anna Kiraly and the boys caused a big surprise to the audience.

The song is Mezmerized’s fastest and heaviest song so far and the team can’t wait to show it to the general public.
For this the band make a lyric video too.

The band’s comment:

We’ll have one more single coming out before our debut album ELECTROLYZE releases.
We are happy to announce that the amazing Henrik ‘GG6’ Englund from the mighty Amaranthe joined forces with Mezmerized for the song CYANIDE and we brought this monster of a song to life together!
This is the heaviest and fastest song from us so far and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

Release date: July 10th via Blood Blast Distribution.

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The band’s debut album, ‘Electrolyze’, will be released on September 18 via Blood Blast Distribution.

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