Mezmerized: Infos about the debut album!

The Hungarian electro-metal band, Mezmerized recently released their brand new video Hybrid.

Now, they revealed the infos about their debut album!

The album arrives this fall!

The band led by Anna Kiraly shared with us the album’s title, cover and tracklist.

The album’s title is: Electrolyze

The tracklist:

1. Electrolyse
2. Comeback
3. Rage
4. Desire
5. Fireheart
6. Shutdown
7. Call my name
8. Hybrid
9. Satellite
10. Ready to go
11. Carry on
12. Cyanide


Artwork by the amazing Gustavo Sazes Art

More infos about the album is coming soon! 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy the band’s latest video!

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