Mezmerized: Hybrid video release!

In the recent days the Hungarian Mezmerized released their fourth single, HYBRID.

The band plays modern electronic metal.

The band, which started only half a year ago, quickly burst into the public consciousness and gained a significant following base during this time.
Their first song, “DESIRE” was released in October 2019, which followed by 3 more single songs.

HYBRID, which has just been released, is perhaps the most compelling and grim composition of the band so far, and the world of sound is accompanied by a similarly mysterious, lively video clip, this time made by BALÁZS GERÓCS (Instant Cinema).

MEZMERIZED released their first physical EP album, ENTER, in January 2020, which went on sale in a total of 3 weeks, and in the second half of 2020, the band’s first major album will arrive, more news and information of which will be available on the band’s online contacts soon:

Mezmerized Facebook

Mezmerized Website

MEZMERIZED’s songs are available in digital form on all online streaming platforms:


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