Metal singers from South Africa

South Africa is the most southern country Africa, its capital is the highly multicultural Cape Town, English called Cape Town, in Afrikaans, Kaapstad, xhoszaian iKapa, and Kapstadt in German.
A city with a Mediterranean climate is home to a few metal women, let’s see them!

Aleah Stanbridge

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Here was born the late singer of the Trees of Eternity. Aleah, on her birth name Julia Liane Stanbridge was born on the first day of July 1976. Her family has English and Swedish roots, so it’s no wonder if she moved to Sweden with the angelic singer’s family at the beginning of the 2000s. Aleah’s mother, Gillian’s work is related to traveling and writing the way, so the singer and her brother thanks to this, they have penetrated the world. With the death of Aleah, the musical world has lost a lot, as her whispered and velvety alt voice matched to many genres.



The Draconian‘s singer, Heike, was the one of Aleah’s closest friend. She sang on the album of Hallatar, which was built on the demo of the singer, who died in April 2016 in cancer. Heike’s parents were of German origin, but she was born in Cape Town on February 9, 1988. In 2005 she started to deal with music, and in 2006 she founded the project LOR3L3I: In 2012, Lisa Johhansson left the Swedish Draconian behind the band’s microphone Heike was the new singer, and the musician still lives in Sweden. In 2015 she founded ISON with her partner Daniell.

Fallon Bowman


Perhaps the name of an exotic lady is known to a few people, although Fallon started her career as a founding member of Kittie in 1997, at age 14. Fallon, on November 16, 1983, also heard her voice when she was born in Cape Town. Her father is Dutch and her mother is from Indonesia – she has a beneficial outlook for her. With her family later, they moved to Canadian Ontario. She left the Kittie in August 2001, since then she was not heard from Fallon, who played guitar besides singing. According to her Wikipedia page, the singer is currently studying archeology.
On her Facebook page you can read, she is acting and she was on the Kittie’s After party last October.

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