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In this article you can read about musicians who are singing at two or even more projects simultaneously. Nowadays more and more metal Ladies collaborate with other musicians in the spirit of art.

Amanda Somerville


The American-born singer, who has recently become a mother of three, is currently working with her latest team, the Exit Eden, but the wonderful alt-tone blonde can not only be recognized by the metal-loving audience. In 1999 she moved to Germany where with André Matos wrote a metal opera, Aina. She sang on Epica’s first album, The Phantom Agony, followed by Avantasia, collaboration with Michael Kisk and Trillium. In 2008 she replaced Simone Simons on Epica’s US tour when the Dutch team’s frontwoman was sick. In addition, she is also a singer teacher and a producer.



Zubero’s name can be heard first with Diabulus In Musica. The spanish beauty is the singer of the band since the formation in 2006. But we can not only hear her mesossoprano voice: in 2016 she created the formation called Dryades with two other girls, Delia Agúndez and Maite Itoizz. Their trio is based on neoclassical, world music and Celtic music. Also in 2016 she founded the Tragul project. The band’s songs remind us of Diabulus In Musica’s style, but Zuberoa writes about completely different themes here.


The Vision Bleak

The Italian beauty came to Tristania in the summer of 2007. The former of the band was Morten Veland, Mariangela replaced the singer, Vibeke Stene, who left the band to concentrate on her singer teaching career. Recently we announced that the third album recorded with Mary will soon be release, but last year, the folk genre also featured the alt voice singer: its new project was named Luminosa and their first album is underway.



The most versatile artist from the Netherlands is the 44-year-old, always smiling Anneke, who began her musical career at The Gathering at age 21, where she sang until 2007. This year she released her solo album Air, under the name of Agua de Annique, later on as the frontwoman of The Gentle Storm, in which she worked with Arjen Lucassen. This project is currently on a landing stage, but Anneke does not rule out making an another album. She founded the VUUR band in 2016, where Ferry Duijsens, Johan van Stratum, Jord Otto and Ed Warby are her bandmates. In October 2017they released their debut album, In This Moment We Are Free-Cities, on this album each song being written for a single city.



As the guitarist of Delain, we could get acquainted with the always smiling Dutch girl, but in other ensembles, the 26-year-old Merel is banging the strings. She is also a member of Epica’s Mark Jansen’s other ensemble, MaYaN, and the melodic death metal band Purest of Pain.



The colotaursoprano singer from Sicily, has been attracted by classical music, studied at the Vincenzo Bellini Music Academy in Naples, but also as a singer of MaYaN. Her teammate is her partner, the founder of Epica and MaYaN, Mark Jansen.



The Dutch singer was behind the microphone since 1997 at After Forever, and after the 2009 break-up, in 2010 she returned with her own band ReVamp. In 2012, the Finnish Nightwish resigned from their singer, the Swedish Anette Olzon, and asked Floor to jump in. In the fall of 2013, Floor became a permanent member of the band and the 2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful album has been recorded with her. Recently, the singer was surprised by an another project: In 2008, she started to working with a guitarist, Jørn Viggo, and their project named “Northward”, but so far they have not dealt with it. Now, ten years later, they have decided that it’s time to make their first album, as they say they have cast lots of great songs on paper that would not be presented to the public. Floor also said that after singing the songs again, they realized they had a much better sound that time when they were wrote the songs.



In Brazil, one of the diva of Exit Eden was born, so the rhythm sensation is in her blood. She began singing at age 15, she was a member of several bands in her native country before moving to the Netherlands. She is an actor-musician, she sang operett too, and after that she became a member of the Phantom Elite, managed by Sander Gommans. With both Exit Eden and Phantom Elite, Marina has very serious plans.



In 2008 we’ve known Chiara as the singer of Crysalys, however who was already a recognized opera singer in Italy in her home country before the formation of the band. In 2015 she replaced Lori Lewis on the concerts in Therion, but Crysalyst does not neglect – the band’s new album is already being made.



Thomas Vikström’s the Therion’s singer’s daughter the Swedish blond. In 2010, she was 18 years old she became the band’s singer and last year she created the QFT project.



The Norwegian blond became known as Midnattsol’s singer, though she feared that many people would only known as Liv Kristine’s sister. But the band’s chariot is running, especially now that they making their new album – after six years break – and Liv, who has been fired from Leaves’ Eyes in the spring of 2016, became a full member of Midnattsol. Carmen’s other project is the SAVN, which is also on folk metal line, with whom they are also preparing a new record.



The singer was born in South Africa has been living in Sweden for years, has shown her talent in many things. As a singer of Draconian, she made her first album in 2012 in which she replaced Lisa Johansson. But this is not the first ensemble of Heike: in 2006, when she began to deal more seriously with music, she created the LOR3L3I project and then in 2015 she created ISON, in which she playing with her partner Daniel. She sang on the No Stars Upon The Bridge album of Hallatar (Juha Raivio, Gas Lipstick, Tomi Joutsen), which commemorates Juha’s Trees of Eternity’s musician and his beloved Aleah Stanbridge, who died in April 2016.



The French singer is also very versatile: in 2013 she sang with the Austrian Serenity, but we heard her voice in Melted Space, which is the band of her home country, and she is currently a part of Exit Eden and Visions of Atlantis.

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