Metal Ladies fighting with depression

Depression is the most widespread mental illness of today. There is a milder and more severe form, there are those who deny it, and there are those who take over their status. In our article, 9 female singers talk about fighting her illness.


Arch Enemy’s singer, Alissa White-Gluz, has recently revealed his secret: her last team, The Agonist, spent her last year in depression. The reason for this was the tensions within the band, which stemmed from the fact that her companions had difficulty adopting her vegan life – Alissa also wrote lyrics about it. The Canadian-born singer said, because depression, mental disorders can be frightening bodily symptoms, frighten and hypocrite people. Alissa turned to an expert who helped her with cognitive behavior therapy and read self-help books for months. Then they came across every area of their lives: Angela Gossow first asked to take over in Arch Enemy, and then they loved each other with Doyle, The Misfits musician. On the band’s Will To Power album, she wrote several songs about her struggle with the depression demon.


The Norwegian blonde, Liv Kristine, was thrown out from Leaves’ Eyes, which she founded, in April 2016, after the marriage with her husband Alexander Krull broke up and divorced. Liv was replaced by Elina Siirala, founder of Angel Nation. Liv has repeatedly voiced her frustration, complaining that, according to his statement,¬†they fired her behind her back from the band, as well has extending her private life. After leaving for a few weeks in Spain, the soprano singer, who soon became a member of her new friend, who was also her therapist. After Liv’s leaving did not say that she was suffering from depression, but in 2016 she could see that the slim singer was shedding a lot, and there was a good amount of sadness in her smile. Luckily, Liv had gathered herself to paint, try yoga, and set up a new record. She also became a full member of her sister Carmen Elise’s Midnattsol.


The Finnish beauty, Tarja Turunen, once said: since she studied classical songs and this world was her real home, she had difficulty using the Nightwish spin and when the band’s chord started with the Wishmaster album she became depressed. Fortunately, during this period, she met an Argentine businessman Marcelo Cabulit, who has married with her in May 2003. Even this year, the mother-in-law of the singer, Marjatta, who had thrown Tarja into this scary state, died in breast cancer. On the Once album, the opposition within the team was intensified and as a result, on October 21, 2005, after the tour’s last show in Hartwall Arena, an open letter the band was fired her. Tarja said that Marcelo was always depressed by the depressive mood, and she was the only stable point in her life when she was tormented by a boom. She also added that Nightwish had frequent communication problems, and she had learned a lot from Marcello in this matter and she was really alongside her.


For the Nightwish’s frontwoman, Floor Jansen, has not unknown the depression. She joined her first band, After Forever, in 1997, at age 16, and worked until 2009. At that time, the band had a break from the fall of Floor, and shortly afterwards it was announced that the band would be disbanded. However, the singer quickly recovered: in 2010, with ReVamp she returned to the music scene, and in October 2012 she switched to Swedish Anette Olzon on Nightwish’s ongoing tour. A year later she was officially the team’s singer, and the 2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful album has been recorded with her. A successful tour was pushed by the team, and Floor was pregnant with her pair, the Sabaton drummer, Hannes Van Dahl. Motherhood was definitely good for Floor, the 2017 Raskasta Joulua concert series almost glittered on the stage and gave a more harmonious impression than ever before.


The Swedish star, Anette Olzon, came to Nightwish in 2007, and Nettie found herself in deep water immediately. Because of the busy work of the band and its dense concerts, the singer was overwhelmed by the fluctuating mood. She has often suffered panic attacks, and once she has been crying in a South American concert on the stage. According to her, the smoke machine has irritated her throat, but fans of Anette’s private life believe it was her family, especially her son, Seth, who was seven years old, and her marriage at that time also had a stir in music and the divorce was taking place. Later, she was reunited with Pain’s guitarist Johan Husgaw, from who she had two children: Nemo in 2010 and in 2013 Mio. Anette’s solo album (Shine of 2014) wrote a few songs in the Nightwish period, she said it was a therapy for her. Now the 46-year-old singer is currently the frontrunner of The Dark Element, formulated in the past two years, casting gossip and almost radiating happiness.


The beautiful Dutch singer, Dianne Van Giersbergen, came to the German Xandria in 2013. She produced two albums (Sacrificium and Theater Of Dimensions), and in July 2017 the singer collapsed. After several resigned concerts, in September Dianne left the ensemble. She said in a voice message: She had a severe stress and fatigue symptoms for a doctor during the summer, as well as serious controversy in the team. She felt that her companions were not fair and honest with her, nor could he expect them to be financially concerned. Exiting a lot of portraits, even former singers -Manuela Kraller and Lisa Middelhauve-has spoke in this case, and more fans said straight away: Xandria should stop playing music now. After leaving the formation, her beloved grandma also died a few days later. Dianne founded Ex Libris in 2004, which was a remedy and shelter for the singer: the band is making a new album.


The German beauty, Manuela Kraller, sang in Xandria between 2010 and 2013, replacing by Dianne. After her successor was discovered, the soprano Manuela after leaving the ensemble, depressed, for a year she did not sing at all. She repeatedly voiced her understanding of Dianne and considered her to be brave enough to talk about her feelings – she could not do that at the time. As a result, Hashimoto’s syndrome developed at the singer, a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland. As Manuela opened up for spirituality, she understood the message of her illness: she had to open his throat chakra again and have to sing to heal. Thomas Guttal, her old friend, founded the Valkea Valo project, whose first album is about to be completed.


The Italian singer, Cristina Scabbia, has not developed well in the past: her father, Dario, who died in 2016, and her relationship with Jim Root, the Slipknot guitarist, after 13 years in May 2017, has ended. Last fall, the mother of the Lacuna Coil singer, Francesca left the line of living. Cristina honestly said she was losing ground, but her friends, fans and bandmates helped her a lot in the processing of the losses.


The 43-year-old frontwoman of the Within Temptation, Sharon Den Adel, has also undergone a psychological crisis. The band’s latest album was released in 2014, entitled “Hydra,” and Sharon was the one to score with success. After the tour, however, the singer could not write songs, and even became unsure whether she wanted to be a team singer in the future. In addition, Sharon’s father was also ill,¬†which means also a serious pain to the family centrism singer. In the autumn of 2017, she announced that she had gone through a difficult time, the band’s new album is under construction and launched her own project called My Indigo. Her solo album, which will be in stores in March, will be about her inner struggles.

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