Melissa Bonny: Wonder voice from Switzerland

Melissa Bonny is best known as the Rage of Light’s singer, but few know she has contributed to other projects as well and she is the singer of the Swiss Evenmore band.

The chocolate beauty angelic mezzo soprano voice singer was born 25 years ago on January 23, 1993 (Aquarius) in Switzerland’s Montreux. At the age of six she began to learn music, and for a few years she was the member of the school’s choir.

When she finished the school, she spent most of her time to writing music with some of her friends, or singing on some stages alone or with other musicians. Then in 2012 she became a member of a cover band. At the end of the same year she left the band for Evenmore, where she hopes to release her creativity, write and broaden her horizons, and perform before such great bands like Lacuna Coil, Eluveitie or Xandria.

Melissa had the opportunity to be a guest vocalist in Serenity, Dragonland and Gus G.

Evenmore’s first EP was released in 2014 titled by The Beginning. From this album, the song called Black Knight has a lyric video.

In 2015 Melissa joined Rage of Light, which brought a new colour to the metal world with the hybrid trance metal/melodic death metal music. In this team, the singer could show that she can not only sing well, but she can growling well too.

Their first EP released in February 2016, followed by two covers (Lollipop-Aqua, Judas-Lady Gaga) and several songs, and this year they signed with Napalm Records, so they are now making their first album. One of their greatest hit is the Mechanicals.

In October 2016, Evenmore released their first album, The Last Ride, which, in addition to the other two songs, also appeared in the clip-on format of The Ride Begins.

After the first Evenmore recordings were completed, besides several other studio projects, in which she was a guest or lead singer, Melissa started working on her first solo track. She thought it was time to create her first solo project. The first piece was an acoustic song that was co-recorded with Jonathan Pellet, the creator of the Rage of Light, and released on November 30 2017.

The angelic performer’s career moves upwards, thanks to her talent and tough work.

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