Mariangela Demurtas left Luminosa

The Luminosa music project was born last year, thanks to Mariangela Demurtas, who is also active in Tristania, Ana Figueiredo and Ivo Conceicao are playing on instruments. Their first video, Horizons, was released in January, and the band represents the folk genre in its musical sound.

Recently, however, Mariangela “Mary” from Italy made a difficult decision: she left the band in March.

“Hi everybody!

I just want to tell you that since March I am not a member of the Luminosa project. For personal reasons I did not want to make a statement, but since the band did not provide any information, I wanted to clarify this, so that there would be no misunderstanding. The pictures and materials that I’m referring to are no longer valid. I am very busy and working on things for the future.”

-wrote the singer on her Facebook page.

The reasons for the departure were not changed by Mary, who became a mother in November last year, with the couple Moonspell-guitarist Ricardo Amorim named Lorenzo.

The latest information about Tristania was that the Norwegian resident team and Mary are working on their next release, but for a while there is no recent posting on the community of the band.

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