Marcela Bovio will soon be in the studio

MaYan’s singer is working on new songs.

Last December, after 11 years of joint music, the Dutch-born Stream Of Passion band decided to break up. The Mexican singer has already announced that she will continue playing in solo, and her first album came out in September, which is titled Unprecedented.

The vocalist, however, has a very busy career as she works in The Gentle Storm, but for a short time she also worked in VUUR, founded by Anneke Van Giersbergen. During the summer, however, she announced that she was now officially a member of the MaYan band, which is not a stranger for her, since she has been with them since the beginning.

Interestingly, the team is already working hard on their third album, Mark Jansen said it will be more special than his predecessors, since while on the previous two albums guests were involved, they were recorded with the official release on the new release.

Meanwhile, the Mexican songwriter is not boring, as the latest Instagram post reveals that she will be in studio again in January, as her new songs are in the making, so she is likely to be surprised by her second solo album next year.

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