MARA from Latvia

There are also some great metal gangs on the Balkans.
We do not believe it, but it is.
Right here is a new band, MARA, a modern groove metal band whose singer is Mara Lisenko.
Their debut EP will be released on November 22, entitled “Therapy For An Empath”. This follow a mini tour in the Balkan states and Poland.
Their first video is called Sell Your Soul was released February 10, 2018:

Their second video, Label Me Insane, released one week ago:

Their short career has had a memorable moment:
In Bergamo, Italy, they played on Pollo Metal Fest in the end of August and in the middle of the concert a little girl went to the front row and introduced a real headbang and devil horn salute.

She took Mara’s attention.
It turns out that she’s name is Violet and she is 8 years old.
The little girl made Mara cry.
As she said:

“I haven’t seen such a pure love of metal for a long time.”
She inspired me, stole my heart, and I already miss her so much!
I will remember Violet forever!”


Violet & Mara
Photo by: Charlotte Bienati

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