Manuela Kraller is back with her new projekt, Valkea Valo

Manuela Kraller, the former singer of Xandria and Haggard, has not heard about herself for a long time.
Recently, expressed her views on Facebook about Dianne van Giersbergen’s exit from Xandria.
However, she shared exciting news that she is working on a new project. These news came to be specific this week when the soprano singer announced and presented its new project, Valkea Valo. This name means White Light in Finnish.

Another member of the project is Tobias Gut.
Manuela and Tobias have known each other for 10 years and have already been playing together. Then they sent them on separate voyages, then fate brought the two musicians back together.

The result of their passion and encounter is the Valkea Valo project. White light contains all the colors of the rainbow inside, so their music includes a variety of styles. Pop / Rock, Indie, Classic, or even electronic music are among the musical influences. This is why they are calling a thrilling musical journey.


Manu tells about the new projekt:

You showed me with unbelievable support and patience through the last years, that you would wait for my music to come. It took quite some time finding myself again and my own individual voice. This way hasn´t been always easy. I went through ups and downs, both musically and personally.
But my passion for music was just too strong not to be lived. I had to go on.
So looking back I can say that 4 years ago, it was not the end, but a new beginning…

A beginning of a New Era with my musical duo project „Valkea Valo“!

The one who will take part in this exciting journey is one of my dearest friends Tobias Gut. He is a fabulous pianoplayer and writing songs with him together´s just like being in a „flow“ all the time;)
I am so happy and thankful to have him with me…

Tobias and me got to know each other 10 years ago founding the metalband „Nagor Mar“ (nowadays „Forty Shades“). Later on, after a short break, we decided making music again, but this time in a different direction. It should be less heavy, more piano, more voice, more us.

Valkea Valo was born.

Our journey is just about to start and not all the songs are ready to be published yet. Currently we are recording the demos…But we want to take you onto our ship already NOW:
We want YOU to be part of this adventure. We want your opinions, your comments, you next to us and giving us feedback, so we can walk the path together.

You are the ones who can help bringing our music to life.

We will follow their work and wish them a great deal of success for the new project.

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