Lux In Tenebris from Dijon, France

Opera metal, symphonic, orchestral with Egyptian atmospheres, with founder Marion-Lamita Peubey (composer, lyricist and soprano singer).
The band was formed in September 2016.
The first EP is about AMORC and mystical themes, dealing with Ancient Egypt.
The EP entitled “To A New Eternity” and the last song is a duet with Liv Kristine.
The song called The Grand Design.
Marion-Lamita’s comment:
“The Grand Design”, the last piece of the EP, refers to the Destiny of each people, and that it is possible to acquire certain abilities through meditation, and that sometimes we just have to « let go » things. To finish, the main message of this piece is to never give up and believe in our dreams, forever and ever.
Music by Krastyo Jordanov
Lyrics by Marion-Lamita Peubey
You can check the song on the following link:


The song is available on every major stream services!

The EP is out since 31st October in every platforms and in physical CD too!

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