Liv Sin provides charity

The band regards animal protection!

Between 2002 and 2014, swedish Sister Sin was active, and after their dissolution, the singer Liv Jagrell, Liv Sin had set up a new team, their first album released this April.

Their new song, King Of The Damned, draws attention to a very important theme: Extinction of the wildlife has been threatening on the planet for a long time, and Liv is inspired by a series of photographs in Africa for the song.

Nick Brandt, a swedish photographer, shot a picture of a lion named Cecil, but not only saw the animal in the photos, but the places that were once wildlife habitats and have now become rubbish dumps.

“This is a very sad sight, humankind’s shame … This trend is going to happen now and in the future if we do nothing … Did you remember the Lion King … Well, soon there will be no more” King of the Jungle but the remaining lions of the> > Cursed kings will be. “

– shared herthoughts the 37-year-old frontwoman with her band joining a swedish animal protection organization Djurens R├Ątt and the money from the sale of the singles to them.

The video debuted on Youtube the day before yesterday:

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