Liv Kristine is working on her solo album

At the end of last year, we were told that Liv Kristine is the second singer of her sister Carmen’s band, Midnattsol. Liv was removed from Leaves’ Eyes in 2016.

The band’s comeback album will be released on May 25th. Recently, the titles of the songs and the cover were also revealed.

Liv since the Leaves’ Eyes has been on the path of war. After having been set up, she began to tour with her previous bandmate the founder of Theater of Tragedy, Rajmund Rohonyi, then devoted time to yoga, painting, and her family. In the meantime, she started to writing songs from her upcoming solo album.

Lately, there was not much information leaked about this album, but at the end of February there was an exciting news, that Liv sang her songs.

So we can be sure that the new solo album of Midnattsol singer will be released soon.

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