Liv Kristine is the second singer of Midnattsol!

We have also reported several times about the war between Leaves’ Eyes and their former singer, Liv Kristine. The singer founded the band and she was the singer for 13 years. Since then, Elina Siirala has been singing on board and launching their brand new record with Finnish beauty in January.

Liv can not give any reason to complain, as she has had many performances in the past, as well as her second passion the painting time. It is well known that Liv’s sister, Carmen Elise is the frontwoman of two bands and Liv also performing with them several times. The Midnattsol lead by Carmen announced a couple of days ago with the fans that Liv Kristine officially became their second singer.

Liv has worked several times with the band, so she was happy to say yes to her sister to become a member of the band. The formation said about the merger with Liv:

“Liv has been a guest on our albums, and we realized that what we are doing together is something fantastic, we have a good time during the recordings, which was logically followed by the fact that Liv is a permanent member of the band, mostly vocals on our new album, she also sings and duets with her sister. Since she is a permanent member of the band, we will also give concerts together. We are very happy!”

We wrote about Carmen several times. It turned out, they are working on their new album, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2018, as well as changes to memberships: Stephan Adolph, who has previously mixed the live materials, has got a permanent guitarist status and has left Birgit Öllbrunner bass player Chris Merzinsky drummer and Matthias Schuler guitarist.

Livet threw out the Leaves’ Eyes, which she founded after the divorce with her husband, another founding member, Alexander Krull. In her place, the finnish Elina Siirala, the Angel Nation’s (formerly Enkelination) singer, has been planning to release their first joint album Sign of the Dragonhead in January.

Liv Kristine has made voice to her disappointed many times last year, but she was not too annoyed as she was a painter, but she met on Raymond Rohony, a former Theater of Tragedy last year, at the 13th Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium last year for five songs. In addition, we could see Delain’s great concert in December last year.

Midnattsol has shown an only half-minute detail of one of their new compositions to hear the typical musical solutions typical of the band, the Purple Sky promise to be a catchy song.

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