Liv Kristine-25 years on stage!

Liv Kristine Espenaes was born on 14 February 1976 in Stavanger, Norway. From her early age she is a music fan.
In 1993, at the age of 17, she joined the Theater of Tragedy as a background singer, founded by Rajmund Rohonyi of Hungarian origin, but soon discovered her talent and later became the frontwoman of the band. Since 1996 she has lived in Germany and she is vegetarian.
With Theatre of Tragedy, she made 5 albums between 1993 and 2003, and they can play such hits as Hamlet, Cassandra, Siren, Venus, or Machine. In 1998 she announced a solo album, which was very colourful.
In 2003, Liv and the boys’ ways separated. Liv was fired from the band, the singer learned this news from the band’s website. The reason: irreplaceable musical differences.


Theatre of Tragedy

She then married with the Atrocity’s frontman Alexander Krull in July 2003 and later joined the group members and formed their band, Leaves’ Eyes which celebrating now the 15th annual jubilee. Shortly their son, Leon Alexander was born.
In 2005 she was nominated for Grammy Awards for the Cradle of Filth’s song,¬†Nymphetamine.


Leaves’ Eyes


Liv & Alex

In 2006 released Liv’s second solo album Enter my Religion was released, which was made with Atrocity members.

Leaves’ Eyes were their first hit in their 2009 album Njord. The album features the legendary My Destiny hit.

In 2010, another solo album titled Skintight, followed by the next Leaves’ Eyes album 1 year later.

Mastersound Entertainment launches works by Liv and Alex. Success did not wait long for them either. Although it seemed that Liv and the boys were making the recordings as a tape, since almost every year released something.


Liv & Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth)

2012: The new Liv Kristine solo album titled Libertine, and in 2013, one of the most successful Leaves’s Eyes album, the Symphonies of the Night is a huge success and a growing popularity for the team. Continuous tours and appearances, the band spins a thousand.

In 2013, Liv met with Anekke van Giersbergen and Kari Rueslatten and formed The Sirens. Liv has taken 3 projects. The ladies of The Sirens sang each other’s songs and elaborations.
Liv’s most successful and latest solo record, Vervain, was released in 2014. Interestingly enough, there are 3 duets on it. That are, Michelle Darkness, Doro and Simone Simons (Epica).

In 2015, Leaves’ Eyes’ King of Kings appeared to be the most successful album ever. This was the album that was noticeable during their works that something was wrong between Alex and Liv.

Unfortunately, the assumption proved to be true, as it later became apparent that Alex and Liv’s marriage had collapsed. In January 2016, they were divorced.

Subsequently, Alex and the boys removed Liv from the band in a rather nasty way, which was very annoyed the ssinger.

Meanwhile, The Sirens have also disappeared, so our favorite was to face a completely new beginning.

She contacted her former musician, Rajmund Rohonyi, and invited him as a guest to her tour to recall the old times. Then came the news that she was working with Rajmund on her next solo album.


Liv & Rajmund in 2016

In the meantime, Liv also had another passion, painting, and she began yoga training and tried the walling.

She has contributed to the musical field, among others, she sang with her sister’s band, Midnattsol. She returned to the stage last year and made several appearances.

At the end of 2017, news came out that Liv joined her sister, Carmen’s band, the Midnattsol as a second singer. The new album, which is in the making, we will can listen Liv’s voice too.


Midnattsol with Liv Kristine

Besides naturally, she is also preparing her solo album and she also has her own concerts. Last year at Christmas, gave a very touching Christmas concert in Nagold.

It was a very busy and eventful 25 years behind the Norwegian singer and we hope that the next 25 will be at least as such eventful with full of positive events.

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