Listen the Therion singer’s first solo song!

Last year we reported that Therion’s singer, the 25-year-old Linnéa Vikström -Thomas Vikström’s daughter who is the band’s singer-signed her contract for her first solo album. The project runs under the name QFT, abbreviation of the three letters, Quantum Field Theory.
Today, Facebook reported on their first song purchase on Spotify, and the first record could be pre-ordered too.

The band’s background singer is one of Linné’s best friend, the one of Sweden’s most highly-trained musician, Rebecca Petersson. The singer / musician will be able to shines her talent some songs on QFT’s debut album, which will be released on May 6, 2018 via Despotz Records.
Rebecca is also an artist! Her project’s Facebook page you can check here!
She is singing in Swedish!


The QFT’s first song called Aliens, you can listen also on YouTube:

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