Linnéa Vikström left Therion

Swedish Therion singer, Linnéa Vikström, daughter of the Therion singer, Thomas Vikström, was taken to the band by her father for eight years ago.
Christofer (Mr. Therion) believed in her all the while, and he convinced Linnéa that she is a true artist.
Linnéa also heard her voice on the albums and at the concerts too.
But, now, the time for change has come.
Linnéa a couple of days ago announced on her Facebook that she leave Therion.
She did not go far apart for the reasons, she just wrote that it was time to change.
Of course, Linnéa does not disappear from the music industry, as her own band QFT (Quantum Field Theory), which recently debuted with its first album, is ahead of an international breakthrough, so she will concentrate that in the future.
In her post, the singer once thanked the Therion members for the great support and love for what she will ever be grateful.

“So this is it. The last frontier. The intro has started, and in about 2 minutes I will go on stage with Therion for the last time. After about fifty countries and hundreds of shows, the time has come for me to end my journey with Therion. What a journey it’s been!
The reasons for my departure are difficult to state in a short message but to make a thousand thoughts comprehensible I can say this; Music is and will always be the love of my life, but as in any relationships there are ups and downs. For the past year that relationship has stagnated into a relationship of routine. In order for me to find that passion and fire again, I need to take a step back. Get some perspective. I will ofcourse continue making music! As a matter of fact, QFT will do it’s first international appearance on october 13 which I am very happy for! But it’s the right time for me to stop touring with Therion now. Very bittersweet but something I have to do.

With that said, there are some people that I want to thank for making this journey the most memorable ever

Tomtom – Thanks for the sound and for putting up with my bitching!
Havoc – It’s been awhile but you’ve been a big part of the Therion experience for me! Thanks for all the fun!
Milly – Thanks for the fun we had on the pink antichrist!
Jappo – Thanks for your german humor! It’s been great to work with you
Matthäus: Danke schön fetknoppen! You do the best lights in the world!
Sami – Tack satana, let’s hold hands and eat ice cream someday.
Lori – Thanks for the time we got to spend together! Miss you!
Snowy – Thanks for making me laugh with your shenanigans and for your inspiration
Vidal – Thanks for your amazing musicianship and your ability to make difficult situations fun
Johan – Thanks for the bom klaff and for the insane amount of laughter we’ve shared, see you in pub anchor!
Chiara – Grazie for being there to hug me when times where tough and for the late night talks and performances we’ve shared.
Nalle – Thanks for being my mentor both in life and music. You’re very VERY old but you’re always gonna be one of my best friends. Thank you for everything
Christofer – Thank you for believing in me when so many doubted me. I have you to thank for so many great things in my life. So, thank you. For everything.
Pappa – I don’t even know how to begin. Having the privilege of touring with you is beyond any of my biggest dreams. Thank you for making that possible. I love you with every fiber of my being.

Thank you THERION for everything! I love you!

To all whom I didn’t name – friends, fellow musicians, opening acts, techs, fans and family, I am forever grateful. Thank you.

This journey might have ended, but now new adventures await! To infinity and beyond!!

Love, Linnéa Vikström”


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