Leaves’ Eyes: “New ways opened in front of us with Elina!”

When Liv Kristine was thrown out from Leaves’ Eyes in April 2016, many fans were frustrated and turned away from the band. Indeed, some people demanded that the band change their name, since the name is also referring to Liv’s name. After controversial statements and big scandals, the storm clouds slowly drifted away from the band’s home, and on January 12, the first record, Sign Of The Dragonhead, was released with Elina.

Recently, the band gave an interview to Heavy Music HQ online rock magazine, where they talked about met with Elina, recordings and plans.

“In 2015, I was on tour with Angel Nation as a showcase for Leaves’ Eyes in London, and a few months later I got a phone from them and told me they needed a new singer, and I was surprised that they were thinking of me and a few days later we were performed together in Indonesia.”

– recalls the beginning of the Finnish blond, who has been living and working in London since 2008.

Then Tosso Bauer the guitarist waved the word:

“When we have met at first time in Germany, in Mastersound studio with Elina, she created a great mood. We knew she was the one we needed, and she was brave enough for a couple of days to go to the Indonesian show for 21,000 people. We are lucky that the team and her voice perfectly fits the Leaves’ Eyes’ music!”

Alexander Krull, Liv’s ex-husband, added: after the show they were on a US tour with the Sonata Arctica and Sabaton and the fans were welcomed Elina.

“The energy collected from the concerts was taken straight to the studio. Sign Of The Dragonhead is our best album ever.”

Source: Heavy Music HQ

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