Leaves’ Eyes: “Liv wanted to leave the band immediately”

In 2016, the bomb news have exploded that Liv Kristine and the Leaves’ Eyes have seperated, but it was further explained by the fact that at the same time the new singer was introduce at the beginning of the 2000s formed band. Liv said during an interview that all this was behind her, but the guys all said the opposite. With the founders of the Viking team, a Spanish newspaper has recently made a large interview, from which many unknown information has emerged from the departure of the Norwegian songwriter.

When Liv and Alex were officially divorced in January 2016, Liv wanted to leave the band immediately, but Alex persuaded him to stay and then settle for private life and business. It seemed that the band’s situation was resolved. But in February, Liv’s fiancĂ©, who was also her therapist, tried to interfere with the band’s affair, actually hijacked Leaves’ Eyes and stated that neither the tours nor the interviews could take place without her presence.

-Thorsten began, then went on:

Liv told her to leave the band, and when they came together again in March, she was obviously going to play on separate voyages in the future, and Liv was also involved in the selection of the new singer. We told her we wanted to decide who she was after. We sat down to discuss things in April, and decided that our paths would be separate, and Liv said she could no longer perform as a member of the team for personal reasons. Nothing happened behind her. The final decision was made through a mediator who was Liv’s friend.

said the musician, refuting the earlier statement of blond beauty.

Liv’s lawyer wrote to Alex a letter stating that Liv was unwilling to make a new deal for the tour. So Liv was relieved that in the future she would no longer have to be a member of Leaves’ Eyes. Subsequently, with Liv made our announcement that we can report fans and the media on the first hand. To everyone’s surprise, the jointly written statement was later attacked by Liv’s previous manifestation and began to spread fake news.

-He said, and then revealed that many other bands like Leaves’ Eyes are not a group of idiots and assholes, and they are not the only band who are forced to resign from a member, no matter how difficult.

After that, he also talked about the new singer, Elina Siirala.


Elina’s stage presence and powerful voice are all very well suited to Leaves’ Eyes. Music is in her veins, as her family consists of professional classical musicians. She is a very positive and professional person, and she has done a great job on the new Leaves’ Eyes album. We are very happy.

-Thorsten replied, then the word went to Alex:

We invited Elina to our studio to talk about her situation and to pick up some songs. She was immediately determined to have enough courage to be our new singer, no other hearing was needed. Sign Of The Dragonhead was by far our best album.

-He said.

As is known, on January 12, a brand new album of the formation will be released, of which two songs have been presented to the audience. After that they will soon be able to promote the puppet, whose lyrics are now entirely sold by Alexander Krull, who, in his spare time, fights Viking in the framework of a group.

You can find the whole interview here

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