Lacuna Coil released a Live video!

The Italian Lacuna Coil celebrates the 20th anniversary of their first EP release this year.
On that occasion, on Friday, January 19, at O2 Forum Kentish Town London, they had an unforgettable jubilee concert,
which they recorded.
The concert featured songs that they have never been played live before.
The concert CD/DVD will be released on November 19 titled by The 119 Show-Live in London.
The 119 number in the title assigned the day of Lacuna Coil, January 19.
This number with a special meaning for the band and it has become some sort of mistery between the band and the fans.
On October 23, at a special event, Andrea and Cristina will be previewed from the release at Islington, London. The event’s title is Screen On The Green.
This will be followed by a live Q&A where you can ask the two performers on the spot.

The band’s comment:

“What took place at the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London on the 19th of January 2018 was pure magic.
It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us as a band and as people.
The work involved, the pre-performance tension, the intensity on stage, the energy between us and the audience – all of this was beyond anything we’ve ever done before.
This event was not just a show, it was a birthday party, 
an anniversary celebration and most importantly a huge thank YOU to everyone who travelled side by side with us for the last 20 years.
And now, with the release of “The 119 Show-Live In London”, we can also share the magic with those fans who weren’t able to party with us in January.”

As a hangman, the band released a concert video, featuring their song Blood, Tears, and Dust.
Watch this video below:

On the occasion of the release, the band will hit the road again and start their 119 Show Tour, with the special guest Amberian Dawn.
Watch the Tour’s trailer here!
The tour starts on November 2 at Metal Hammer Paradise in Germany and then goes to Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, then back to Germany, and eventually ends in Milan, the band’s hometown, on November 15th.


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