Lacey Sturm will release her 3rd book!

Lacey Sturm can not complain about boredom at all. Soon, her third child will born, touring in the States, and recently a secret to the 36-year-old singer, her third book being put on store shelves on May 22.

The release was titled “The Return: Reflections On Loving God Back” and Flyleaf’s former singer said in the publication:

“I would like to help people to see the gifts of God every day and find the balance in their lives.”

Lacey’s first book was released in 2014 with The Reason, followed by The Mystery in 2016. The singer’s fans know that as a teenager Lacey was depressed, she was thinking of suicide. Her grandmother then took her to a church where she found God – Lacey has been a believer since then.


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