La Vero calls for help

About 35-year-old Veronique has to know that she has been struggling with serious health problems since her school age. At age 11, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of the digestive tract), which had spent a lot of time in hospitals and cots at home, subjected to experimental treatments and medications that had very unpleasant side effects as they were similar to chemotherapy. She was 15 years old when she was severely affected by her illness, and at 18 she was stomach-like on her abdomen because her bowels were no longer working properly. At the age of 21, removed a part of the thick belly from the singer who did not give up her dreams and music ambitions. In 2012 she was pregnant twice, but both babies were born dead.

She reported yesterday in a Facebook post that her doctor says her health is not conducive to the Finnish climate and can seriously damage her quality of life, saying that the unpleasant symptoms have been aggravated after he moved to the Nordic country. She is therefore forced to go home to the Netherlands, where the climate is much more beneficial for healing. Vero did not get any financial support that would lead to a sick person. However, her relationship with her husband was overwhelmed by the problems, so we learned that with Kari was chosen by mutual agreement to divorce.

She will still be spending time in Finland with her band and visite friends.

On the Gofundme page, the singer ask to help her fans and friends for her repatriation, which would require a total of 6,500 €. Anyone who can, please give young talent to go home to Holland and finally get the necessary treatments. You can help Vero here, who is practically out of nowhere to rebuild her life, but if you are personally looking for her, you can do it on the following e-mail adress: Vero has betrayed that since the summer of 2017 she has been unable to work because of her health problems, she has run out of money, and although she does not like “begging”, she is forced to do so now.


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