Kobra Paige talked about fighting with Lyme disease

There’s a lot of excitement in the Canadian Kobra And The Lotus’ home: The band has appeared in Calgary and few weeks ago they released a new video and announced they are working on their new album, which will be followed by Prevail I’s predecessor, and will appear as Prevail II.

The band’s brilliant singer with a charactered voice, Brittany “Kobra” Paige, has shared a secret in the days. In one of our articles, we wrote that blonde beauty had suffered years in Lyme disease. She shared her good news few days ago on her Facebook: she was finally healed.

So she told the 29-year-old Cobra about her illness:

“I got the Lyme disease from my dog, and we were recorded the Prevail I album when I received treatments. One of the issues in the album is a willpower that can help a lot in difficult times. In the studio, I was often lying on the floor with hellish pains.”

-began the singer.

Lyme disease spread by ticks shows a variety of symptoms, but the most common are strong muscular and joint pains, dizziness, constant fatigue, sore throat, skin complaints and weight loss.

“Sometimes even the simplest movements have been cruel to me, and I went to a clinic where they were treated with antibiotics. Next week, they will remove the IV port which helping my heart during my illness because I will not need it. I’ve started my life again, although we still do not know much about Lyme. Do not worry guys, rock will be part of my life in the future too!”


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