Kobra Paige: “Everyone deserves love!”

The new album of the Canadian Kobra And The Lotus, will be released on April 27 via Napalm Records titled by Prevail II. Earlier, singer Kobra Paige said that she was following the line of Prevail I, which was released last year, and the 29-year-old singer was broadcast in the message of the numbers recorded on it:

“One of the greatest challenge of human existence is to preserve it. This album draws deeper into the darkness of our soul and reveals our personal anguish and struggle that we create for ourselves, each other and the Earth. It is a rebellion that people give up and lose their faith in themselves. This affects our everyday actions and behavior. We are a paralyzing self-defeating species, but at the same time they are deeply capable of unselfishness to development and positivity. This album closes the ‘Prevail’ albums with the clear message that everyone’s desires to live and everyone deserves to be truly loved and heard. By the end of ignorance, we know that we all are together.”

This is the main message of the album, from which the band has already been shown another song, Let Me Love You.

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