Kittie remembers to Trish with a video!

On February 13, 2017, the shocking news released on the web: The 31-year-old Kitie bassist Trish Doan died. The exotic-looking girl was born in Korea on May 9, 1985, but she grew up in Canada. In 2005 she joined the band. In 2007, due to her eating disorder and depression she left the formation, and from 2012 she played again with the team.

The cause of Trish’s death is unknown, but guilty of her suicide began in various forums. It is a fact that many times she wrote to Twitter about her struggle with depression, but neither the band nor the family had any details about the loss of the guitarist. Morgan Lander, the band’s singer, said earlier that She loved Trish as her sister. The girls will soon be release with a special album, and now they’ve released a video for the memory of their former musician:

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