Kittie release a very special publication!

As you know, the bassist of the Ontario band died early tragically at the beginning of last year. Trish Doan was only 31 years old. She struggled with body image and anorexia. The other members of the team were shocked by the collapse of their colleague, and their singer Morgan on her Instagram had her feelings. But now they have been able to recover.

Kittie was founded in 1996 in Orlando, Canada, and has released 6 studio albums. The first one was Spit in 2000 and the last one was I’ve Failed You in 2011.

In the latest Instagram post, the girls will celebrate their upcoming 20 years jubilee with a new release for fans. A 3-disc specialty in which you will find a documentary about the team in DVD/Blue-Ray format and a brand new concert album on the CD. This is a special feature that will be played back to the early 2000s by unprecedented concert performances. Later on, this concert record will be released in the form of a vinyl record.
The title of the publication will be Origins/Evolutions to make sure everyone will be heard and seen on the album who has ever been a member of the band. The cover also tells you, as with one or two exceptions, every former member is on the photo.
Release date: March 30, 2018.


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