Kamelot is working with Lauren Hart!

It is well-known that the Kamelot band loves to invite well-known metal singers  to co-operate in their songs and concerts. Earlier we could hear Charlotte Wessels, Alissa White-Gluz and Elize Ryd, but they worked with Simone Simons, Kobra Paige and Amanda Sommerville too.

There is nothing like this now, but this time they asked for a joint work a new voice, a new face, who not just only singing in the new Phantom Divine song but also to accompany the boys on the tour.

She is Lauren Hart, the frontwoman of the Once Human (USA) band. The band is playing Death Metal and Lauren’s professional growling science gives a very tough and wild atmosphere to even the toughest music basics.


The band’s second album, Evolution, appeared on February 17, 2017 via earMusic.

Maybe that was liked the Kamelot’s members, so they asked for the co-operation and because Lauren is as good as Alissa White-Gluz, so on the tour she will replace the Canadian singer.


Kamelot’s new album, The Shadow Theory, will soon be released, with the first single, Ravenlight, which you can see/listen to as a lyric video on YouTube.

The new single Phantom Divine will be released shortly. For this song the band and Lauren are currently filming the music video, according the recent Facebook entry, which Lauren was also shared, is making with a computer background.


In addition, the band will launch their brand new tour in North America with Delain, Battle Beast and of course, Lauren.

On this tour, on 9th of October 2018, they will give a huge concert in Barba Negra in Budapest.

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