Kamelot filmed their new Live DVD

On September 16, 2018, Kamelot gave a special concert in the 013 club in Tilburg, The Netherlands, where earlier Epica celebrated its 1,000th concert.
In 2002, they performed at the same venue as guest musicians.
The specialty of the concert was that Kamelot recorded here their new live DVD.
For this occasion they also invited their three former guest singers Elize Ryd, Alissa White Gluz and Charlotte Wessels.


Of course, the Once Human’s singer, Lauren Hart has also performed at the event as the new guest singer of Kamelot, who can hear her voice in several tracks on the new album.


For the show attented more than 3000 fans.


All of the guest singers expressed their joy and pride that they could have been part of this special night.


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