“Jomsborg is an epic saga”-Exclusive interview with Elina & Alex of Leaves’ Eyes

At the beginning of October, I was fortunate to made an interview the German/Finnish Leaves’ Eyes band, which I can only publish now due to lack of time.

With Elina & Alex

1 How do you feelin’ in Budapest and how do you like the city?


To be honest, we came today around midday and straight came to the venue.
So unfortunately we didn’t really have time to see much.
But, it’s great to be here because it’s my first time in Hungary and in Budapest so I’m very excited for the show.”

2 How came the idae to perform with vikings on stage?


We were always think about making this band, you know, inspired by a northern mythology, landscapes, epic tales and sagas.
It’s were only vikings.
But now there stuff  we were mostly write about it’s like viking sagas and nature and tragic of ocean tales and yeah you can something up like that and most like, you know, in the way like think about the rock opera or something like that turning to metal and symphonic sound combination of rock and this natural instruments we use and celtic instruments in stuff.
It’s very good to the lyrical concept.

3 What about the Jomsborg song?


“Actually, the Jomsborg is a very epic saga, it’s about a fortress, it was a brotherhood the head like the saga tells is like 300 ships and the warriors left everything to become one of this brotherhood like homes, wifes, everything left behind just join the truth. I was in an army.
You could actually pay them for the battle and they go to battle and on the otherside it was like warriors who didn’t give up and not to defeet you know.
Actually some sagas connected to Jomsborg.
Now for some Harald Bluetooth the Danish viking king and others all connected to that.
For my personal it’s pleasure was my father and the family coming to that area where the Jomsborg fortress is and also the legend was born.
It comes from all you came from the teritory and nowdays they have a viking group called Jomsborg,
I’m a part of that too.
We are the biggest viking army, a modern viking army nowdays and there is also a big festival a viking battle festival in Poland.
They actualy built and rebuilt Jomsborg the fortress.
This year was the biggest viking battle in modern times with 800 warriors.
I was also in the middle of the battlefield.
It’s inspirational and it’s also like a homage to the modern viking scene with that song because they support us and we know a lot of this people.
In general from older viking scene.”

4 Elina, you grew up on the classical music. How came the metal music into your life?


“Yeah, that’s true, I studied a classical degree in Helsinki, Finland where I’m from and then I moved to London to study a bit more and that’s how I kind into the rock I really love the power and the performing the rock music and then I started writing my own music with my own band Angel Nation as well and I met a lot of people who introduce me the whole metal scene in London in stuff so then that’s how it started.

It’s not like a discision or anything but it’s gonna happened.”

5 Elina, do you have time to train your voice during the tour?


“I wouldn’t say that I really train my voice is more about having the time to warm-up properly finding the space sometime in some venues, but usually find somewhere and I like to warm-up properly to make sure that I’m ready for the show.”

6 Do you feel inspiration beside metal music to try yourself in the opera or in classical music?


“Yeah, I do still when I sing at home and I practice and stuff and I sing classical songs still because it’s really good for the technique, the basic technique I’m using and also I like the music it’s still a huge part of who I am and also my voice.
Yeah, I still do it.”

7 What about Angel Nation and Atrocity?


“I guess int he way a little bit similar situation, but now Atrocity just recently recorded an album we had one 2017 almost a year actually exactly now.
And we do what we can we play when we have time it’s you know like explain earlier it’s where everything started for me and I like to write the music and everything, lyrics and stuff.
It’s nice, I think it’s nice to have different platforms and different ways and we just find the time for it.
Dow hat you love. Love doing some.”


“Now, Atrocity just game on like Elina that she was also sing in the higher section ont he album. And the album came out it was a big surprise it was very successful.
The record label Massacre Records was super happy. Breaking through in Germany and even in the DJ charts was a great breakthrough with the metal album on No. 3.
That’s quiet amazing.
People playing rock and metal music and this sounds like really amazing. It’s going very well and like Elina also said, you know, we have find the right scattles also for tours and stuff.
I was came in now we have to figure out what’s the best replay the very nice the Open Air and the soundstorm was really cool and then of course already people asking for more shows where we could playing and stuff from Dubai tour strail it says it’s really interesting.
Also goes in America people really asking that we go back there.
o that’s the thing and treasure hunt the Occult II album go start is also soon.
It’s like a CD with a Bonus track.
So that also be the next thing we gonna we wanted to really people bought the album, have the album so some people asking already.
What about that.”

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the show!

Leaves’ Eyes:

“Thank you so much!”

Leaves' Eyes Live in Budapest, Barba Negra

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