Jinjer started to record their new EP

The Ukrainian Jinjer were on tour this summer and traveled throughout Europe.
Recently, they announced that they are going to studio to record their new material, a 5-track EP that will be released this fall.
The fans in the United States will be able to hear the new songs in the first round, because on October 23 in Phoenix will launch the joint tour of Devil Driver and Jinjer, where the band will play the new songs for the first time.

“Brothers and sisters, we are glad to announce the beginning of new era for JINJER. Tomorrow we are entering a studio to record 5 brand new songs which eventually will shape an EP to come out this Fall. Stay tuned to catch up with the latest studio updates in our stories and posts.
The US will have a chance to check out new song first in a bit more than a month on a tour with Devil Driver starting on 23rd of October in Phoenix.”


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