Jill Janus, the singer of Huntress died

The Californian Huntress band was founded in 2006 and has achieved great success all over the world.
The band belonging to Napalm Records hasn’t heard much lately about it.
The reason: By the singer diagnosed Mental illness.
Jill was a great nature and an animal lover and constantly struggling against her illness.

She wanted to heal.
But on August 14 she gave up the fight and ended her life with her own hands.
The 42-year-old singer’s death news has shocked the band and the fans too.
Her kindness enchanted everyone.
On the band’s page, the members said goodbye to their beloved singer.


Rest In Peace Angel!

4 Replies to “Jill Janus, the singer of Huntress died”

  1. […] Yesterday we announced that after the lifelong suffering mental illness of the Huntress’ singer Jill Janus gave up the fight and passed away on August 14 2018. The case shocked the whole metal world. Jill was a very nice and direct woman. Everyone loved her and she had a nice word to everybody. Among others Alissa White-Gluz and Elize Ryd also said good-bye to the singer. But Heidi from Butcher Babies also described her thoughts. In an article on Blabbermouth.net, now the singer’s partner, Huntress’ guitarist, Blake Meahl, said goodbye to his beloved couple. The band was their children and made it with passion. […]

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