“I’ve began to sing at the age of 14-15.” Exclusice Interview with Alessia of Temperance

I’ve made this interview with Alessia in November 2nd in Budapest during the Symphonic Metal Nights Tour.

Hope you’ll like it!

1 Welcome to Budapest! How do you like the city?
Did you have time to walk around?


“Absolutely yes.

I stay here in Budapest many years ago.

I was so young and I have a lots of photos and so great.
I would have more time to visited,but unfortunately not at the moment.

Maybe next time, I hope it.”

2 Where did you start your singing career?
What was the first band you were singing in?


“I’m Italian, so I’ ve began sing in my country as vocalist with cover bands in my region.
But I began to sing at the age of 14-15 with some other guys int he same age of me.

We played rock or hard rock cover bands only.

And my first experience with an original band was in Temperance.
Yeah, after so many years.

I’m so happy for this new adventure at the age of 30.
I’m so glad to be a part of this family.”

3 Where did you shoot the latest video?
How was the shooting?


„Last hope in the world of hope was filmed in Pimonte, the region of North-West Italy in the Mountains on the 1500 meters high.
It’s a great place.
We are only with vocals, me, Marco and Michele.
For filming an experience for live with the voices not in the backing vocals.„

The video is so beautiful.
I really like the song, this is the one of my favorite from the album.
My another favorite is the title track.


„Do you know where we filmed the video?

Me, Michele and the other guys we were in the studio in Italy.

But, the actress was in Sicily, under the volcano, Etna.„

Very interesting place.


„Yeah, It’s like a Moons soil, Moons background is like a planet.”

Me & Alessia after the interview

4 We know you’re a background singer too.
Which one is better?

To stay in the background or sing on the front-line?


“In the front line, absolutely.
Because being as a backing vocalist is not so easy.
It’s very difficult, more difficult than the front.
You must concentrate.
I love to sing so it’s not problem.
I stay everywhere it’s not a problem, but I prefer to be a front woman, because this is the one of my dream by so far this dream come true.
Yeah, I prefer this all in my carreer.
I’m a vocalist too, because I’m a frontwoman with another frontman.
It’s egal for me is okay.”

If you were alone in front?
It’s different or harder?


“It’s different, because you are alone and you have to be interesting all alone for all bandmates all the crowd.
Being into people is more heavier.”

5 Do you play some instrument?


“Definitely no, because I’m a singer.”

And would you like to learn?

“I’d like to learn something, but I’m not so…I’m too lazy.
I’m a little bit lazy and I don’t like too much…I prefer something fast to learn.
Playing instrument is not so fast.
It’s a heavy concentration, patient, but if I had patient, I want to learn bass guitar or piano and synthesizer.”

6 Where do you prefer to live and why?
In a big city or in nature?


“I’m a woman of city.
I like cities.
Not so big, not so small, in the middle.
My favorite country is Germany.
I really love Germany and I’d like to live in Munich.
But, I live in Italy.”

Were you in Dresden for example or Stuttgart?


“No, only Munich. It’s fantastic.
I’ve been there ten times already and I want to be there every year.”

So you want to often return there.


“Yeah, because Munich is four hours from my town.”

7 How do you celebrate Halloween?
How does a Halloween in Italy look like?

“Italians love Halloween party.
So, I was a little bit disappointed for this gig, because I knew that Italians like party during Halloween and I was worried about that so I have to admit that Italy were the smaller crowd roll over the tour, because of the other parties on the North of Italy, other gigs and other events so is a great party for us, it’s an American Dream for us.
Italian mentality love America.
But, it was so cool int he same way there are no a huge crowd, but it was very excited to be there with us.
We are happy too.”

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