ISON is back!


As you know the Draconian singer Heike Langhans has an another band called ISON.
The formation consists of two members: Heike Langhans and Daniel Ă„nghede.
They both sing and play on keyboards, bass and guitars in the band.
The formation takes a special musical journey that completely hits the metal.
We do not even think Heike knows that.
They were formed in 2015 and released their first album Cosmic Drone in that year. There are 5 songs on this release and a total of 35 minutes.
Their second release will feature Andromeda Skyline in 2018, the first single, Helios, released one week ago.
The space inspires them, which does not prove this better than the name of the team, the titles of the albums and the songs.

Here is their new music video from the song, Helios:


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