Introducing new bands: Mission Jupiter

The Mission Jupiter band is from Minsk, Belarus. Their style can not be precisely defined because each member likes different musical styles.

Regardless of this, the definition is Alternative-Dream Rock.
The band was formed in 2015. The formation of the band is very remarkable. Initially, the future project was designed as a musical accompaniment and when the band was formed, no one would have thought the team’s activity would be significant and complex maturity.

Since each member has different musical preferences, they have written songs that go beyond the musicians’ attitude to music. Liberalism is the main purpose and source of the band.

The members of the band are great sci-fi and space fans, so they get inspiration from them and the main factor determining the musical style of NASA’s Jupiter Mission.

The band promotes self-realization, creative success, and accompanies them to the atmospheric mood.

They’ve released two mini albums and a single apeared in English and Belorus. The Mission Jupiter has participated in several concerts and has given several concerts in its home country. In April 2016, they’ve represented their country at the musical week in St. Petersburg. On this week, the work of the band was also appreciated by experts and composers. In addition, they also featured in many TV shows in Belarussia.

Their idols are includes Dream Theater, Him, Gathering, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Sting, Queen, Leprous, Massive Attack, Placebo etc.

Their first album, Architecture, was released on May 4 2018 via Epictronic.

You can listen to the album here and here.


The cover of the album

Here are some videos from the band:

Here is their debut music video, Will You Be Loved:


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