Introducing Brightstorm from Brazil

The Symphonic Gothic metal band, founded in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, was released in their first singer in their formation year under the title of Under the moon. Their first EP also appeared in the same year at the same title.

In 2013, another 2 singles were released, Breathing in Death and Taste of Wine for which they’ve made music videos.

Both of these songs are on their second 5 song EP, Past in Flames, released in 2014.

In 2015, they released their first album, Through the Gates. On this album are 11 songs.

From the album the band was made a music video for the song “Walk” which was released in 2017:

The band’s line-up:

Naimi Stephanie (Vocal),

Odair Salles (Drums)

Will Lopes (Guitar)

Allan Silveira (Bass guitar)

You can listen the album on Spotify!


Cover of the album

This article was written by: László Márton Varga

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