Interview with Floor Jansen

Recently Nightwish and Northward singer, Floor Jansen, interviewed The Rock Writer’s Ramble, which Blabbermouth also received.
In the interview, Floor talks about her bandmates and how happy that she is to work with such people.
Finally she can do what she likes.
Excerpt from the interview:

“Absolutely,” the Dutch singer responded. As much as you might know from Finns, they are not fakers. So for sure, on their end, you know that it’s real. [Laughs] I don’t have a poker face at all — I have a very, very expressional face and I have no control over that. So if I’m not happy, ooh, you’ll know. But if I’m happy, you can tell and there’s no way of faking it. Then we have Troy [Donockley, NIGHTWISH‘s British-born composer and multi-instrumentalist]. I have known this guy for six years. I have seen him grumpy once, but that was because of the hangover of the century.
So, no, we don’t have to fake it, because we actually really, really enjoy what we do and we have a genuine good time with each other. We’re a happy bunch, really. And we’ve all seen the other side of things — we’ve all seen our bands going bad, and we all know what it’s like to keep it together in that sense. It’s like a marriage, but there’s grown-up people that manage to find a balance and how to be ourselves and how to compromise without losing ourselves and all the clichés of a good marriage, but it’s really true. And the most important factor — we love making our music… We feel it, and then we want to translate that feeling into the audience. ‘Cause playing your songs well is one thing, but bringing it with passion and love is the same 50 percent of the thing that makes a concert worthwhile.”

The whole article you can read here


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