International Metal Ladies

Many stars have roots of other countries that can be seen either on the outside or in their temperament. In our article, you can read five metal ladies who have multiple blood types in their veins through their family.

Aleah Stanbridge

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The singer of Trees of Eternity had English and Swedish roots and born in the capital of the Republic of South Africa in Cape Town. With her mother, Gillian’s travel-related work, the little Aleah and her family traveled around the world, her favorite holiday destination being Thailand, but she was also fond of Egypt.

Alissa White-Gluz


Arch Enemy’s blue-haired singer was born in 1985 in Montreal, Canada. But few people know that the versatile singer has European roots as well: her father’s grandmother was a Lithuanian native. Alissa’s Grandma fleeing from Canada from the persecution of Jews, died in 2007.

Carla Harvey

Carla Harvey by Marie Korner

The exotic Butcher Baby, the 41-year-old Carla, whose face includes the characteristics of many nations. Her father is Irish and Ethiopian, and thanks to her mother Finnish and Italian blood can swirling in her veins.



The German symphonic metal team, Krypteria, was formed in Leverkusen in 2001, where the eye-catching frontwoman was born in 1976. Ji-In’s parents come from Korea, and the singer is always proud of her roots. The band is currently pausing, but Ji-In launched last year for And Then She Came’s project.

Mizuho Lin


The Brazilian Semblat is getting more and more popular, and this is a great part of Mizuho Lin, who is an amazing vocalist and skilled opera singer. The 27-year-old, handsome vocalist of the band tells of Asian origin – with her father, Taiwanese and Chinese ancestors. Her mother is brasilian and polish, so her roommates have European roots.

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