Imperial Age showed their Tour Bus

The Russian Imperial Age band is currently hit the roads with Swedish Therion, Enemy of Reality and the German Null Positiv.
The first two bands, with Null Positiv and The Devil on March 13, gave a memorable concert in Barba Negra, Budapest, which we have already written.

The teams are currently in Scandinavia, and Imperial Age recorded a short video in which one of their singer Jane guides us in their tour bus, while the band’s leader, Alexander, records everything. This bus is the home of the band during the 2.5-month tour.

On February 1, 2018, the band’s latest album, The Legacy of Atlantis, was released. The album contains a metallic opera about the medieval reincarnation of an Atlantic mage captured and wanted to get out of prison by the Inquisition, which eventually is done, but how, when listening to a disc, it is possible to find out how big it is.

You can watch the video on the band’s Facebook page.

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