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The band was founded in 2012 with Jane Odintsova.
They’ve recorded the album Turn The Sun Off!, filmed 2 video clips and released the record by themselves with their own money in November of the same year.
They’ve didn’t have a team, so they simply hired their friends and colleagues from the local Russian metal scene.


In 2013-2014 they mostly played as support acts for international bands visiting Russia: Epica, Paradise Lost, Finntroll, OOMH!, The 69 Eyes, Tarja and Therion.
They also played a few headliner shows in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.
Two of them with an 8-person choir and an 8-person orchestra.


In 2014 the breaking moment came.
In September, they went on a month-long expedition to Tibet.
They visited many magical places, to some of which westerners have never been admitted before.
And in the end they did a Cora around Mt. Kailash. It is said that it helps to realise one’s inner dreams and most sacred goals…
A month after that they were opening for Therion in St. Petersburg.
All the time during the concert Christofer Johnsson was sitting behind the stage so that the crowd would not notice him, listening to the music. After the show he gave our music a very high assessment.
Since that time they have been good friends and they are now.

In a few months he offered us to distribute our CDs via his label Adulruna Records. And after another few months he offered us to join Therion on a European tour. Christofer is the person who made they known and they are endlessly grateful to him and will always be!!
He made their metalhead’s dream come true – when one of your idols becomes your friend in mentor.

In 2016 we released the EP Warrior Race via Adulruna.
It had only 3 new songs, the rest were from Turn the Sun Off!, recorded with Alexandra Sidorova, and a To Mega Therion cover, which Christofer wrote was the best Therion cover ever.
And then their first international tour followed.
After that they had problems with the team – and Alexandra parted.

Then the fans gave them €3600 to record our new album.
They had to find a new soprano, held auditions and found Anna KiaRa, who has been with them ever since.
And then they came another tour same year – this time with Orphaned Land!
After that tour they lost almost all of their band members due to inner disputes within the band…


In 2017 they had the toughest year so far. There was a huge frenzy with the new album because once again Christofer offered them to join him on tour, but this time it would be the biggest tour ever for both bands – 57 shows in 25 countries!
Of course this was an offer no one in their right minds would even consider skipping.
So they were in a huge stress, they needed to:
a) finish composing and recording the new album
b) find a new team of musicians capable of sustaining such a huge tour
c) do other things not related to music – like work, because the band wasn’t bringing enough money to life off.


2017 was a year of total stress and big promises.
They were working at a terrible pace with Sergei Lazar to finish recording all the vocalists and produce the album on time.
Once again they had no team, so we asked Nalle Påhlsson to record bass and rhythm guitars, Christian Vidal to record the solos, Ischenko Andrey to record the drums and they did a great job in a very short amount of time, they managed it on time. Thomas Vikström sang his part on Domini Canes same day!

And at the same time, they spent countless hours auditioning new musicians for themselves…


They made the album just in time to take it on tour.

We found ourselves a great new team! Paul Maryashin, Max Talion and Dima Belf proved themselves tremendously during the huge tour that followed.
The sales of Legacy of Atlantis have so far ripped the previous two releases without even a single review online or advertising before release and without any support from a major label!
The tour was a fantastic experience and a great success for them.

After the tour, the sales of our merch did not stop!
They did not fade away and the band ship something to the fans every second day. The team have a huge increase in online streams on Spotify, Apple Music etc.
The CDs are still not in stores because they sold everything on tour.

The band have put up the crowdfunding perks that they had promised 2 years ago and have rewarded our benefactors – The fans!

This has been an amazing year and a very tough year for the band.
They will soon start working on the next album.

The band ilmed some live videos on their previous tour!

First one is: The Monastery
Filmed in Wroclaw (Poland), Warsaw (Poland), Gdansk (Poland), Athens (Greece), Budapest (Hungary), Madrid (Spain) & Durbuy (Belgium) in March-April 2018.
Sound recorded live in Wroclaw A2 on 16th March 2018, mixed and mastered by Sergei Lazar at CDM Studios in Moscow.
Video editing by ZAYAC production.

Second one is: And I Shall Find My Home
Filmed in Wroclaw (Poland), Warsaw (Poland), Gdansk (Poland), Athens (Greece), Budapest (Hungary), Madrid (Spain) & Durbuy (Belgium) in March-April 2018.
Sound recorded live in Wroclaw A2 on 16th March 2018, mixed and mastered by Sergei Lazar at CDM Studios in Moscow.
Video editing by ZAYAC production.

The greek magazine, has made an interview in Athens with the band.

Imperial Age is currently looking for a menager.
If you are intrested in, please write for the details to the following e-mail adress:

And they recorded a live album in Wroclaw, Poland and they’ll release it very soon!


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