Imperial Age announced UK Tour!

The Russian Imperial Age band defies fake news and today announce they will be on tour in England in mid-April!
The tour will have four stations and will affect the largest cities.
The band’s announcement:

“Today we have successfully submitted all our documents for UK visas at the British Visa Centre in Moscow. So far there are no air travel limitations between our countries, Moscow-London planes fly several times a day.

However, all land borders except Finland are closed (Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Slovakia), so driving doesn’t make sense unless we go via Finland, take a ferry to Sweden and then a ferry to Netherlands, Belgium or UK – but that’s VERY complicated, long and expensive.
Lets hope planes still fly in a month from now and there are no concert bans in the UK so that we can play the shows.

If the planes stop flying or concerts are prohibited, the tour will be postponed (not cancelled) with all tickets valid and refunds made available.

– Aor & Jane

P.S. As employers, we are buying all our band members immuno-strengthening medicine (so far its echinacea – you should drink it too – but maybe something stronger later) and when we travel – masks & sanitizer. We have told everyone that its 100% voluntary an no one is obliged to travel – so far everyone is in, including Natalie Cherry the tourmanager and Joost Hoogenboom the merch guy (he is Dutch).
We are also limiting all our movements to stay healthy ahead of the tour.
So far everyone is feeling fine.


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