Imperia-Fear Is An Illusion

The Imperia band will release their new album on February 22, entitled Flames of Eternity via Massacre Records.
The first single is the Fear Is An Illusion.
The band made a lyric video for the song.

The first single out in January 2019.

Cover of the single (Imperia Facebook)

You can pre-order the new album here!

This will be the fifth album of the band icludes 12 songs.

“Flames Of Eternity” will be available as a CD Digipak, stream & download and for the first time in Imperia’s catalogue as a limited edition vinyl LP!

“Flames Of Eternity” is mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios.
Artwork by Jan Yrlund | Darkgrove

The tracklist:

01. The Scarred Soul
02. Fear Is An Illusion
03. Unspoken Words
04. Book Of Love
05. Blinded
06. Invisible Tears
07. Otherside
08. Beauty Within
09. My Guardian Angel
10. The Ocean
11. A Crying Heart
12. Mother

Cover of the album (Imperia Facebook)

The band was formed in 2004 with the Norwegian singer, Helena Iren Michaelsen.
She was the first singer of Epica before Simone (At that time the band’s name was Sahara Dust).
The band is a true cross-border unit of musicians originating from different European countries:

Norway, Finland, Germany and Belgium.

Current Line-up:

  • Gerry Verstreken – Bass
  • Steve Wolz – Drums
  • Jan “Örkki” Yrlund – Guitars
  • Helena Iren Michaelsen – Vocals

Studio Albums

  • The Ancient Dance of Qetesh (2004)
  • Queen of Light (2007)
  • Secret Passion (2011)
  • Tears of Silence (2015)
  • Flames of Eternity (2019)

Musical styles are: Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal.

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