Ideas announced their new singer!

Recently, we also reported that Anita Kun had left the Ideas’ deck after 13 years. Separation was made with friendship, and the band betrayed a few days ago: they found their new singer.

The band announced on wednesday that the new singer is Anna Király known from the Sorronia which could performed on stage with Tarja, Xandria or Nightwish.

“We are not stretching that string anymore!
We are happy to announce that our new singer is Anna Király.
You may know her name from the band, Sorronia.
A new and exciting chapter begins in the story of Ideas. Together we are on the way to a new full-length album, we’ve already started the songwriting process. Though we don’t have plans to change the basics of the band, there will be many novelties around us, we have enormous plans in our heads. We have many aims which will open new doors for us and from now on we are taking those steps together.
We believe that with Anna new perspectives have opened and we are excited to start working together!
Stay tuned because soon we will have new surprises for you!
Best wishes, Anna, Tibcsy, Beke, Misi, Krisztián”

– is in the announcement of the formation.

Here is the announcement on Facebook!

We wish you a great deal of success for Anna and the guys!

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