Ideas: Anita Kun leaving the band

Last year, the band’s brand-new album was released, which was named Egység. The great metal band from Tatabánya is considered by Hungarian Nightwish, but they are also inspired by the work of many other bands. Like all bands, Ideas are already overtaken by a few members, but more than an hour ago they announced that their second singer, Anita Kun, had been postponed for 13 years, leaving the band.

“Dear ones!

I would like to announce to you that after 13 years I will finish the joint music with the Ideas band. I do not want to blurt the causes for a deep plunge. In this 13 years there are many events in a person’s life that can affect your various areas of life and overwrite things. But you have to know that this farewell is in the band and there is a friendly mood between me. The word “worthy” characterizes the separation. I thank you for the great love, endurance and many good words I received from you! Thanks to the band in the current lineup and for the former members of the band – who I would definitely like to mention – Ferenc Hamburger, Tamás Takács, László Zelizi, Attila Schlick, Zoltán Molnár and Lajos Gallay their talents and knowledge, the unforgettable years and concerts! Thanks for Kristof Hartmann for many years of support and friendship! Personally, I will not put down the microphone and the pen. The band does not put down the instrument! The fire will burn on!
Ideas will be in Tatabánya on March 23 and April 13 in Szombathely concerts, and is expected to be in the upcoming event in the autumn of a major event. Additional plans are reported via the Facebook page of the band.
Burn more! :-)”

-the singer said, then the other members of the band also spoken,

“We would like to let everyone to know that Anita Kun and the ways of the Ideas are separate from each other. A decisive stage is now over in the band’s life. Thanks to Anita for giving us 13 years of talent with her beautiful voice and we are grateful for the jointly-produced Ébredés, Főnix, Őrizd a szíved, Egység titled great albums, concerts and lots of common experiences!
We wish her the best in the sequel in every area of life!
As far as we are concerned, we want to continue the career of Ideas, we are currently looking for Anita’s successor. Next time you will meet us in this lineup on March 23, Tatabánya, before Moby Dick and on 13 April in Szombathely, with Dying Wish and Nemzeti Hang bands.
Other news will be available later.”


-is on a shared post on Facebook.

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