“I think when you really want something, your mind opens up…” Exclusive interview with Floor Jansen

On November 20, 2018, I was really proud to make an interview with the singer of Nightwish, Ms. Floor Jansen.
I was prepared for the interview very hard.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the show, but at least I managed to made the interview, which you can read below.

1 How does it feel to play in Budapest again and perform in this beautiful arena?


Well, funny in Europa in my dressing room >>Yes, yes, We’ve played here before<< in the same place, because I remember we were work out some of the Arch Enemy and Amorphis guys.
’Cause we travel so much and sometimes need to be remind it >>Yes, there was a great show<<.
But I heard today we have over the double people here tonight.
So that is quiet is not just a few hundred people or even just a few thousand people.
It’s double it’s a 10.000 people here tonight so that’s a huge thing early in an abstract way.”

2 Was there any place on this tour, where you were at the first time?
How was it there to play and how did get the fans?


“Actually, we were in Geneva for the first time.
In Switzerland I’ve never been in that city and that was great I think.
It was just a first time for me.
I mean we never had a bad show at all there just been full on.”

3 We know that when you joined Nightwish in 2012, you had to learn the full setlist in 48 hours.
How difficult is it to learn the songs in such a short time?


“Impossible, I mean I was looked it that I’ve always been a fan of Nightwish so a lot of songs I already knew.
But, not on that level like I cannot sing them.
I had them in my memory I think the order of first call is that parts comes here and there.
Give a take I would another words for the course for example, but maybe not all.
There was something, but I’ve never heard Imaginaerum album yet.
But, that time I went on stage and I fulled it in 48 hours I was not prepared any singer should be calling on stage, but with help of the guys and even the crew ’cause I went on and off stage is well and if you know when.
Also the audience I’m managed, but it was far from perfect.”

4 Is there any special skill for someone to learn a whole setlist in two days or even all the songs in that band?


“I think when you really want something, your mind opens up that really happened for me.
Especially that just came up for the burn out which was a time in my life I can even remember 3 things on the shopping list.
Milk, butter, bread.
Go into the store, forget.
Just don’t remember.
Or even one thing in my hand can’t remember.
So, that’s one thing I just really wanted.
Really, really and only thing.
We have to raced everything else.
There is only one thing you can need to do.
That’s the only thing and you can only all for the best.”

5 What was the most special place you ever played with Nightwish?
Is there any place where you have not perform yet, but you would like to sing?


“We’ve almost crazy things.
We’ve had extraordinary big.
We all stand in the front of 85.000 people at Wacken twice.
That is something I would surely mention is extravagant.
But there are very nice natural places that you know it would be great to do a show on the water or in the U-Boat.
I would love something like that.”

6 I heard that one of Nortward’s song was written with one of the former member of After Forever.
How was the common work with him?


“All songs was written 10 years ago.
So that has been a long time between.
When I’m started to think of me I wanted to a rock album.
When I met with Jorn Viggo I told him about that idea and I asked him would he like write something with me and soon we figured out it’s gonna be just he and me will doing this not any more people.
But, around that time André Borgman was also evolved this (He is a german guitarist and multi instrumentalist) and he wrote a riff and we used that riff, but that was also when our cooperation ended.
We canged the riff so that maybe he would recognize it.
It’s would be a hard cool songwriting collaboration that’s a bit too much, but we didn’t wanted just not a knowledge that he wrote something too.”

7 Do you keep in touch with your old musicians? (ReVamp, After Forever)


“We always have more contact with others and like Jack Driessen who played in Amsterdam, he always played in Keyboards and songwriter in After Forever. Sometimes by mail, sometimes by phone.”

8 What kind of music do you usually listen to?
Are you listening only metal and rock or are there any other genres too?


“Anything. but mainly metal and rock, but dependig of the mood as well.
You know wants an easy on Sunday morning and I got a Blast or anything from the speakers.
I like Florence and the Machine, I like a new project from Troy and Tuomas, the Auri project very much.”

Thank you for the interview and good luck for tonight!

“Thank you so much!”

Floor & Me after the interview

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