“I stopped to listening to metal years and years ago” Exclusive interview with Tatiana of Jinjer!

I’ve made this interview with Tatiana on June 21 in Budapest during their Cloud Factory Tour.

I’ve didn’t publish this interview until now.

Check it out and enjoy this great conversation.

1 Welcome to Budapest again.
How’s going the tour and what are you expect for the tonight’s show and the audience?


“Well this tour is just started so it’s hard to say like how it goes, but so far it’s fine, but already we are exhausted.
But it’s always nice to being here in Budapest.
We love this place, we love this town and we absolutely in love with public.
So I think of this show and this audience would be cool as always.”

2 Did you have time for sightseeing?


„We’ve done for sightseeing for several times around Budapest.
So I wouldn’t, like take a chance today we have to go to see some place, because we already seen it several times so we’ve just chilled here.”

3 How do you spend your freetime between two concerts?


„The only free-time is in the bus when we are driving to the other venue to the next show and usually you just take a chance just to sleep, because late shows and late check-ins in the Hotel is a quiet exhausting.
So sleeping is everything for us. „

4 How did you get the first successes?


“Have you ever reached your aim?
For example.
Have you?
How did you felt at the moment?
Like it feels great like ‘Oh, my God, I did something great’ just like a first step for my biggest dream.
It’s hard to explain like because you don’t have to explain, because every person one day reached their aim or they solved some problem.
They feel great.
They feel powerful.
They feel like they can do anything in this world.
Because they confident what you doing.”

5 What was your biggest show?


„It’s really hard to say, because you know, we have shows every year and every year you get something like huge and you always remember it.
The last one was huge in Manila for example.
There were several dozens of thousands of people.
Those stage was huge.
There was just sea of people.
Sea of people.
Yes, that was crazy.”

6 How get the idea to re-release your first album?


„It wasn’t actually our idea, that was our lable’s idea, the Napalm Records and we thought ’Why not?’, because this album is quiet underrated and I think forgotten and deserves more attention from people.
We just gave a second birth to this album.”

It’s really great, this album is so cool.


„Yes, I think so.” (Laughing)

Tatiana, Me & Eszter after the interview

7 What is the message of ’Sit Stay Roll Over’ song and video?


„Well, I’d like to say that the lyrics of the song were written by our Eugene, the bass player, so he knows better what this song is about, because abviously this was his idea, but this song is more about listic movements around the world, but not like listic like nationalistic movements.
Who are let by politicians and stuff like that in short.
I just don’t like to talk about politics and everything that…”

Me too, because we hate politics.

8 So, we know you’ll have a tour with Amorphis next year and you’ll come to Budapest again at the end of January.


„Every six months we’re here.
I think people are getting tired of us. (Laughing)”

We like you. We like Jinjer!

„It’s nice to be here, thank you very much.”

Do you like Amorphis and what do you think about them?

„Well, first of all a lot of people already know that I stopped to listening to metal years and years ago and I don’t listen to metal but very rarely.
But we announced this tour so I think, I must and just I must for me to checked them out (Laughing) for the first time so I cannot tell you thinking about them, yes I just need to listening to their music.
Because you know we were on tour with Arch Enemy I really heard only one song of them, but at the end of the first leg of the tour together I’ve already knew the whole Will To Power album. (Laughing)
I think, I have a just enough time to checked them out.”

What do you like to listen?

„It’s more like hip-hop, jazz, reggae, funk stuff like that.
But, there are some metal albums in my playlist right now.
But, basically I try to listening to a soft music, because it’s hard to believe, but sometimes there are too much metal in my life (Laughing).”

Yes, sometimes I like to listen chill out, jazz.
Some softer music.

„Yes, yes definitely.”

9 You’ve been touring with several bands in the recent years.
Do you still have someone who you really want to have a joint tour and what are these bands?

„I think me personally I would like to tour with Gojira for example.”

It’s a great band.

„Yes, absolutely amazing band.
One of my favorite actually, this is the only band like not the only, what I’m listen to, but metal bands.
So that would be great.
I think, we will someday like we need to grow a bit more. (Laughing).”

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the tour!

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

Gallery of the show!

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